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New Age Leaning Roma Downey Tells Nyack Grads to Be Lightworkers!

New Age Leaning Roma Downey Tells Nyack Grads to Be Lightworkers! 

Film stars Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, along with World Evangelical Alliance head Geoff Tunicliffe, attended Nyack's May 2014 commencement.  However, just after this Nyack visit Tunnicliffe, CEO/Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, along with well-known TV evangelists James Robison and Kenneth Copeland, visited with Pope Francis at the Vatican.  Tunnicliffe is to right of the pope.

Nyack Graduation:

Just prior to his momentous Vatican visit, Tunnicliffe traveled to the 131st Nyack College Commencement where friends Lord Edmiston, and Mark Burnett and Roma Downey spoke after each received a honorary "Doctor of Letters" degree from Nyack College.

Nyack Video:

In the videos of the ceremony a Nyack spokesperson says Downey and Burnett of "Light Works Media" are, "...incredible beacons of the light of Jesus Christ in Hollywood and in the film industry..."   In another "Son of God" promotional film shown to the audience Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, and the Archbishop of Los Angeles each can be seen praising the movie.  After this Downey speaks.

Roma's Remarks:

Downey, as might be expected, gave a very impassioned talk that sounded so very spiritual.  But, it must be noted that in contrast to her predecessor Lord Edmiston's scripture-filled speech, Downey's speech, although full of many spiritual platitudes, was noticeably absent of any scriptural references.  And nearly finished, at about 15:39 in the video, Downey advises the graduates, "I believe that it's the responsibility of us to take the gifts that we have been given and to do what we can to make a difference for good in the world to be the lightworkers. ... You shine your light, and make a lot of noise!"  Listen here:

Look Out for Lightworkers:

What, you might be asking, could be wrong with that--to be lightworkers?  Well, A LOT!  For the term lightworkers, according to, is defined like this: "(New Age beliefs) A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves peoples' lives and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness."  The term, incidentally, was popularized by Doreen Virtue in her book The Lightworker's Way.  Another definition can be found at where a lightworker is described as: "Any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation in the awareness in self and other selves.  This being is called a lightworker and is an evolutionary step toward a state of 'Lightbeing.'"  So you see, Downey slipped in a New Age term which is very much in keeping with the fact that there's ample proof of Downey's involvement with New Age activities.

Downey's New Age Affiliations:

Several apologetic blogs/ministries have written extensively on Roma's affinity for New Age beliefs.   

Three good ones are here:

Turning to Tunnicliffe

Tunnicliffe's Photos: 

After the commencement we find Tunnicliffe posing for a photograph with Lord Edmiston; and with his dear friends Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.  Scroll down to May 10, 2014 to view photos.

Tunnicliffe's Promotion:

Tunnicliffe took time out from his busy WEA schedule to film a promotional video for "The Son of God" movie.  View it here.

Tunnicliffe's Paths to Peace:

Tunnicliffe has been associated with some controversial left-leaning Christian causes.  To begin Tunnicliffe has written for liberal activist Jim Wallis' Sojourner's magazine.  In addition he has joined with Wallis on peace initiatives.  He has also been a speaker at Bethlehem's "Christ at the Checkpoint" conference once again championing peace when he spoke on "Evangelicals as Peacemakers."

Tunnicliffe joined the WEA to the World Council of Churches and The Vatican signing a document with them calling Christians to mission and unity, and the WEA is connected to the United Nations working on topics from peace building to nuclear disarmament.

In Conclusion:

Hearing Nyack's enthusiastic applause, hoops, and hollers to an extensive list of Burnett's and Downey's achievements, to the "Son of God" promotional film, and to Roma's remarks left one with an acute awareness that here's a college whose leadership and faculty have lost their moorings saturating their graduates/students with teachings that stray far from true evangelicalism.  And unless some strong and courageous CMAers awaken, and take action it soon may be too late!  (Please read previous blogs on happenings at ATS and Nyack College.)

Learn to Discern Granny Verses:  II Corinthians 11:14,15

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."