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The Christian and Missionary Alliance Hooks Up with the IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms)

The Christian and Missionary Alliance Hooks Up with the IAHR  (International Association of Healing Rooms)

The Christian and Missionary Alliance headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado now has a  Healing Room Ministry established by Steve Peterson, a technology group employee of the CMA headquarter staff, trained by NAR Apostle Cal Pierce's International Association of Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington (IAHR).  Meantime, CMA Higher Life Fellowship, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has an official healing room under the IAHR co-directed by Dr. Paul L. King.

Perhaps, you're saying, "Why should this be concerning?  After all, hasn't the Alliance always supported divine healing?"  That indeed is true, however, there is a huge concern because as Pro Veritate Blog points out, and as I have pointed out in several of my blogs, "The Christian and Missionary Alliance has exhibited a worrisome move toward the direction of the New Apostolic

Now, the founder of the Healing Room Movement is none other than John G. Lake, the often venerated faith healer, whose healing room ministry has been resurrected by New Apostolic Reformation Apostle Cal Pierce.  Therefore, to know the roots of the healing room movement is to revisit its past history as well its recent restoration.  And to see the results of that restoration is to look into today's healing room association--the IAHR.

Take a Look at John G. Lake's Healing Room History:

John G. Lake?  Who was he?  Was he the esteemed man of God as his ardent admirers claim, or was he a con and a fraud as history seems to indicate?  There's much to read, and I would admonish one to do so before buying into the healing room mystique and hype!

To peruse most renditions of Lake's life is to read a biased view of  Lake's legendary fame that's been told and retold until Lake appears saint-like, rather than the man he actually was. In light of this, I will attempt to give the reader just a little peek into the rest of the story.

Now, a good place to start might be with "John G. Lake" found in Keith Gibson's "Patron Saints of the Prophetic" found in his book Wandering Stars: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets. Gibson gives us a short overview of Lake's life and legacy which, by the way, he says, "... few have actually read him, or even taken a cursory look at his history beyond the claims of the miraculous." (p.282)

Gibson notes that Lake taught that we are "little gods."  Gibson quotes from a Kenneth Copeland publication John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith that reads, "The
power of God, the Holy Ghost, is the Spirit of Dominion. It makes one a god."  Lake also
taught "dominion theology" noting that he wrote, "... that the church will 'take the world' and will crown the Son of God as King of kings and Lord of lords." Lake taught too that one could communicate with the dead as long as one did not call them up from hell!  And that was just the beginning of Lake's falsehoods. (pp.282, 283)

Lake also was a documented fraud, says Gibson, being arrested various times. Gibson details Lake's inability to heal as noted in the Oregonian newspaper.  Gibson observes, "These are not the actions of a man of God but that of a charlatan." (p.286)

Wikipedia tells us Lake was known as a faith healer, missionary, and founder of "healing rooms." Lake also was strongly influenced by one --John Alexander Dowie-- whose own checkered background one should examine as well. The article points out claims Lake made such as his having established newspapers which was patently false, having had lucrative jobs when he was but a carpenter, and having connections with prominent people of his day of which there is no record.  Historian Barry Morton documents much of Lake's questionable activities in two detailed articles: "'The Devil Who Heals" and "John G. Lake's Formative Years."  Scroll down to the bottom of the Wikipedia article, and click onto Morton's articles to read them.

Let Us Reason Ministries also has an eye-opening article: "Reviving the Revival of John Lake" which further exposes Lake's life. It is part of a five part series on "John Lake and the Healing Rooms." I recommend you click below to read more of its "reasoned" comments.  For a compilation of this series also read: "John G. Lake and the Healing Rooms: False Teachings and Unbiblical Practices" written and compiled by Chris Lawson.

Take a Look at Apostle Cal Pierce's Healing Room Awakening:

Lake died in 1935, and after his death the healing rooms folded.  Almost seventy years later a Bethel Assembly of God (presently Bethel Church, Redding, CA) elder, now turned Apostle Cal Pierce,
moved to Spokane to resurrect Lake's healing rooms.  Pierce told how he'd spent time praying at Lake's grave reminding one of  Benny Hinn praying over Katherine Kuhlman's grave, or of  Bethel's current fascination with "grave sucking," or even of Lake's involvement with calling back the dead.  There's even a tale, as Lake's healing room was being restarted, that an angel appeared in the corner of the very room where Lake had had many amazing healings.  However, it turns out that room, and that building had burned down long ago!

Along with his resurrection of the Spokane, Washington healing room Piece has made this ever expanding ministry just another arm of the NAR.  At present, this ministry has over three thousand healing rooms in seventy-six nations.   Leader Cal Piece, as a true NARite, follows their aberrant teachings as demonstrated by Cal's chapter nine excerpt from the book The Physics of Heaven.  In it Cal has an angelic encounter by his "supposed" angel of thirty years whom he never met until recently.  Cal recounts how upon imbibing of NAR's Tim Sheets' (Dutch Sheets' brother) teaching about "service angels"--angels that run errands-- Cal met "the energy angel" who according to this tale had been sent to teach Cal about "a water car" --a proposed car of the future.  Why, Cal even took a walk with his energy angel.  As a result of this "angel adventure," shares Cal, he is now into exploring how to produce power with sound!  This is but one beyond wild manifestation that NARites openly share purporting to be true.  Readers, this is exactly why the International Association of Healing Rooms Headquarters with its fire room, portal room, waves of glory room, and more are suspect; for Cal as well as his other NAR cohorts tout so many strange manifestations and prophecies it boggles the mind how people can blindly follow such leaders.

View video  done by CBN "Reopening the Wells: Legacy of Lake's Healing Rooms" here:  At 4:10 on the video see the ad for the 2014 July Infusion Conference that was sponsored by the Healing Rooms
with Danny Silk, Graham Cooke, and Shawn Bolz.  Note Pierce's ending challenge.
Take a Look at CMA Headquarters' Healing Room Ministry:

In the January 2014 Alliance Life article: "The Alliance Inheritance" Steve Peterson, CMA worker, tells how he felt it was time to launch a healing prayer ministry at the National Office.  Steve recounts that his wife's fight with MS catapulted him into becoming focused in on healing prayer.
Soon, he began training and ministering with the IAHR or International Association of Healing Rooms.

Later, after submitting a proposal to establish a healing room to the National Office leadership team, and gaining approval, Steve forged ahead training a team to establish what became a weekly "healing room" in an office chapel.  Once trained the team began using their techniques on others from international workers to new US workers.  In the future Steve envisions these healing prayer techniques being used on General Council to district conference attendees.

Now, it is not Peterson's wanting to pray for the sick that is in question, but where and from whom Peterson received his training that is problematic.  For, as shown above, the Healing Rooms
have a very questionable history, and at present are solidly in the camp of the New Apostolic Reformation or hyper-charismatic movement!

Pro Veritate's  Blog piece "Cal Pierce, the NAR, 'Healing Rooms,' and the Christian and Missionary Alliance" pointed out that Apostle Pierce, founder of the IAHR, is directly connected to the NAR thus supporting false claims to apostleship, and the spread of dominion theology.  Pierce himself, says the article, is a member of the dues paying organization known as the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

Below Peterson's Alliance Life article, Pro Veritate noted, an online commenter mentioned she had met Steve Peterson at a recent Randy Clark Global Awakening conference.  Clark, a NAR super apostle, the person who began the notorious Toronto Blessing with all of its bizarre manifestations and out of order "spiritual drunkenness," is a close friend of Bill Johnson.  That is Bill Johnson of the now famous for fanaticism Bethel Church with its ever changing strange signs and wonders phenomena.  And it is with Clark and Johnson that Dr. Paul L. King is currently connected.

Take a  Look at Dr. Paul L. King's Higher Life Healing Room:

CMA  professor, and historian Dr. Paul L. King pastors a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma CMA church, Higher Life Fellowship, which has the distinction of having its very own IAHR certified Healing Room center which King himself co-directs.  And it was at these Healing Rooms recently, advertised on its Facebook, one might come and partake of "soaking prayer."  "Soaking prayer," by the way, is just another form of contemplative prayer where mesmerizing music lulls those laying on the floor into a trance like state.

King, a masterful historian, has written a number of books including Come Up Higher which is endorsed by both Randy Clark, and Bill Johnson.  King is also author of Genuine Gold which is a detailed account of the early history of the CMA and its Pentecostal roots.  In it King quotes just about every early Pentecostal figure from John G. Lake to Charles Parham to A.B. Simpson.  King says of this work that he is cautiously charismatic and that he wants to be a bridge or buffer between charismatics and non-charismatics.  However, from all I've read of King he has thrown caution to the wind, and is now associated with the hyper-charismatics, and not just any of them but with some of the most well-known of the NAR movement.


In the end, the CMA's hook up with the International Association of Healing Rooms is very troublesome, for once again they are connecting themselves to hyper-charismatics who are involved in experiential manifestations that supersede the Word with so called signs and wonders that in no way are of the Holy Spirit!  Therefore, I'd encourage you to dig deeper into the NAR as well as the IAHR, so you may be ready to warn others of their deceptions and dangers.  Proverbs 1:5 reminds us: "A wise  man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:."

Learn to Discern Granny Verse:  Matthew 24:24

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

For More Information:

Lighthouse Trails BookletThe New Age Propensities of Bethel Church's Bill Johnson by
John Lanagan.  This booklet gives a review of The Physics of Heaven of which Cal Pierce,
NAR IAHR leader, has a chapter.