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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! D Is for Discern!

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! D Is for Discern!

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

Introduction:  This is a lesson in a twenty-six part ABC series for parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, kids, and youth workers.  Look for many more letters to be posted one by one.
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D Is for Discern!

D is for discern!
Yes, it's your turn
to learn how
to detect deception,
to do it right now!

D is for discern!
Yes, it's your turn
to do your part
to work passionately
to nurture young hearts.

ABC: Bible Meditations for Me!

These ABC lessons are written to help you learn to watch out for deceptive practices people are teaching.  Many people do these practices, e.g. yoga or mindfulness, thinking these activities are good for them not realizing the hidden dangers behind them.  Through these lessons I hope you will instead of ignoring them, or practicing them will learn to red flag them.  Most of all I pray that you will learn to discern things that are good, or dangerous for you.  And after, share with others!

Danger!  Red Flag Warnings! 

Have you ever been to a beach that had a flag that flew when there were stormy seas, strong tides, or other dangers?  I have.  When I spy a red flag I don't get in the water for I know bad things might happen.  Yes, sometimes certain things we see or hear alert us to danger, and we call them red flags!

Red Flag Warnings!

Red flags are warnings,
there's danger somewhere.
Yes, red flags are warnings
to stop and beware!

The Dee B. Red Flag Letter

Dee B. and her husband once sent us a letter.  It was a warning letter telling us some folks had brought in strange doctrine or ideas into the church we attended.  She warned us this was deception.  And we listened.

Old Testament Warnings!

God often warned his special people, the Israelites, that they were to be careful not to do things with the people who lived round them, for these people worshipped other gods or idols that they bowed down to and served.  Over and over God, through Moses and others, told them "Ye shall not go after other gods of the people which are round about you." Today too, the Lord commands in Exodus 5:7: "Thou shalt have no other god before me."

A Deuteronomy Do-it Meditation Verse

Here's a verse to think about, and to learn.  It is what I like to call a "Deuteronomy Do It Verse!' 
Deuteronomy 30:14  "But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it!"

This Book of the Law

This book of the Law
shall not depart
Out of my mouth,
Out of my heart,
For I will meditate
the Bible way
in its words every day.

From: Deuteronomy 20:14/Joshua 1:8

The Do-It! Book Mark
Cut out a rectangular book mark.  Hold vertically, fold over the top of marker about half way down the remainder of the marker.  On top flap print: Deut.30:14  "Do it!  Open flap and print the verse onto the marker.

Eastern Meditation

Your Turn to Discern

Everywhere today one will encounter signs, logos, books, videos, magazines, and so on that promote yoga and mindfulness.  The bottom line is while your children are with you whenever you spot a red flag word, logo, or item talk with them right then.  Point it out.  Use scripture.  If parents will consistently do this, kids will soon be pointing things out to you.  Deuteronomy 6:6,7 says: "And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart; and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up."  

Make a Red Flag Word Box 

Allow kids to cut out red flag rectangles; tape to straws.  Help them to write red flag words found in the lessons onto the flags.  Keep them in a box or bag.  Talk about them with your youngsters.  Play a game with them by describing or defining red flag words selected from your child's collection.  See if they can pick out what you are describing. 

Parental Suggestion:

Book Look:
Listen to the YouTube read aloud book ABC: Mindfulness for Me by Christiane Engel.  Be sure to hit the full screen icon.  Use the pause button so you may view each page carefully. Notice the illustrations.  Listen to the clever rhymes.  Pay attention to terms you need to learn.

Pictures/ Words to Notice:
First Picture Page:  View. Buddhas, lotus flower, dream catchers.  Especially notice these terms/pictures: B: breath, breathing tool  C:  compassion, Buddhist term  D: dreamcatcher  E: energy, flow  F: feelings  M: meditation, inner peace  N: Namaste  P: present, mandala   U: universe, all one  V: thank the earth  W: mindful walk  Y: yoga  Z: Zen   Pay attention to ending sections as well.

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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! O Is for Out of!

ABC:  Bible Meditation for Me!  O Is for Out of! 

ABC:  Bible Meditation for Me!:  Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

Introduction:  This lesson is one of twenty-six ABC lessons for parents, grandparents, teachers, kids, youth leaders and anyone at all.  Besides this lesson L, Q, R, V, X, and Z have been posted.  Scroll back to find them.

Out of God's Mouth

Have you read
Jesus once said,
one shouldn't live
by just bread,
but by every word
heard out of the
mouth of God?

From Matthew 4:4

A Matthew Meditation Selection 

Matthew 4:4  "It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Matthew 4:4 Make-it!

Cut an empty toilet tube in half.  Cover it with colorful tissue wrapping paper; tuck in ends and tape.  Type verse on bright paper; cut into strip.  Stick verse strip (s) into tube verse holder.  Pull out strip.  Recite.  Think about it.

Babe Praise

Jesus also said
that out of the mouth
of babes comes
amazing praise.

From  Matthew 21:16

A Babe Praise Verse

Matthew 21:16  "Yea have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?"

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Jesus spoke of the wonderful words he heard from the lips of little folks--little folks spoke--and it is up to us to teach them the Word every day so they too may think upon his word.

However, Eastern meditation evangelists are teaching little ones to repeat words, greetings, and mantras they should not say.  In yoga, they are learning to say Namaste and Om; in mindfulness they are mouthing well wishes and parroting false affirmations.

Eastern Meditation

Out of Man's Mouth

Out of man's mouth
repetitions are heard,
Out of man's mouth
come mantra words,
Out of man's mouth
come again and again
vain repetitions
from the hearts of men.

Meditation Practices Everywhere

Children are being introduced to every meditative practice imaginable at every possible place from gyms to day cares to schools to churches to wellness clinics to libraries and so on.  No one, even if they are home schooled is safe from the onslaught.  Therefore, as Christian parents, grandparents, or teachers we must be aware of what is happening, and prepare our children with true Bible meditation and instruction so as to understand what lies behind these practices.

A 'Sacred' Meditative Sound  

The Free Dictionary defines "Om" in Hinduism and Buddhism as "... the supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting in Sanskrit of three sounds (a), (u), and (m) representing various fundamental triads and believed to the spoken essence of the universe.  It is uttered as a mantra and in affirmations and blessing."  "Om" in Hinduism: "... is a sacred syllable typifying the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (Siva) in the threefold operation of integration, maintenance, and disintegration."

The OMazing Kids Yoga

OMazing Kids Yoga has PDF pages overflowing with information and resources.*  These pages
tout line after line of supposed yoga benefits.  However, one line in bold print stood out:  "Yoga is not … A religion."  However, the very name OMazing Kids contains the most sacred syllable in Hinduism and Buddhism!

*  PDF pages are from the "Oklahoma Statewide Autism Conference" (November 19, 2011) as presented by OMazing Kids' founder Angela Moorad.

Out of the Mouth of Grammas

I have heard and witnessed a group of grandmothers and other seniors practicing "laughing yoga" at a nearby pool.  Not only did they laugh loudly, but they also "omed" loudly.  Very sad it is that these older ladies are so deceived to be chanting this dreadful sound.

Out of the Mouth of Yoga Bunny

Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo is a beguiling little picture book for ages 4-8 about a cute little bunny who loves to do yoga.  "This book is just adorable," quips one reviewer.  Bunny, the main character, so wants his animal friends to do yoga with him, but they all make excuses why they can't be bothered.  Finally, one by one these friends join in with Bunny to do various poses.

This book seems so innocent, but at its end, while Bunny lying in "the resting or corpse" pose, suddenly opens his mouth with a loud "Om" sound coming out which is immediately followed by the "Oms" of all of his friends.  Adorable, highly recommended?  Not at all, but deplorable indeed! 

Parental Admonition:

I would urge you, the reader, to click on the site below, and take a hard look at this picture yoga story that's being foisted on little ones. Listen closely to what is said, especially to what is stated at the end of the YouTube read aloud reading.

May this open your eyes to just a tiny fraction of all the teachings that are being given to precious children often unnoticed or understood by their parents.  The question I'm asking, where are you, and where is your church, and where is your pastor in giving warnings to its members on what is actually happening every where around us?  Who is teaching true Biblical meditation?  May it begin with us.


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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me!: L is for Lift Up, L Is for Lotus

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me!  Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

L Is for Lift Up/ L Is for Lotus

Introduction:  This lesson is part of an ABC series of twenty-six lessons for parents, grandparents, kids, and teachers.  Please share with others especially those who homeschool.  

L Is for Lift Up

L is for lift up,
H is for hands,
That I can lift up
To God's commands.

I Can Meditate the Bible Way!

I can meditate the Bible way,
any time, any day,
I don't have to sit just right,
nor close my eyes up real tight.
Not at all!  For its God's words
that I recall-- to think about them!

Meditating the Bible Way

When we meditate on God's word we don't need to have a fixed position, or pose.  We can sit, stand, walk, or even lie down.  We can lift our hands, or close our eyes if we want, and use our minds to think a lot about God's word.

A Psalm 119:48 Meditation Verse

"My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments, which I have loved; and I will meditate in thy statues."   Find this verse in your Bible, and make an "M" beside it for "Meditation."

"Lift Up My Hands to Thy Commands"

Draw two hands; cut them out.  Overlap thumbs a bit; tape or glue.  Print Ps.119:48 on card.   Stick verse in between fingers; tape.  Hang it up. Think about your verse.

The Eastern Way

Focus on Lotus

L Is for Lotus

L is for lotus,
A kind of a flower,
That's said to bring
enlightening power.

L is for lotus,
A position you'll find
people sitting in
while clearing their

Signs of the Times

Not long ago I passed a shop with a Lotus flower logo and name--"The Lotus Nail Salon."  Nearby at a T.J. Maxx store I spied three shelves of Buddhas sitting in the lotus position.  At still another store I saw sloth figures sitting lotus on a top shelf.  Have you seen a Lotus flower logo or someone sitting lotus?  What signs of the times have you noticed? 

The Lotus Flower

The lotus is a Buddhist/Hindu sacred flower said to have special powers.  It begins as a little seed way down in muddy waters and rises up to become a lovely flower.   Gregoire A. Hodder wrote a  clever picture book for little ones titled The Little Lotus Flower.   Parents take a look at this on line at under "Look inside!"

The Lotus Flower
and the Gods

In "Lotus Flowers Meaning and Symbolisms" e.g. in Hinduism the lotus is linked to many of its gods and goddesses.  The goddess of prosperity, Laxmi, is often shown seated atop a fully opened lotus flower.  Brahma, the god of creation, is shown emerging from a lotus flower coming out of the belly of the sustainer Lord Vishnu.  For more read:

The Lotus Mudra

The article "Mudras for Children" explains "Mudras are symbols made with the hands that tune us into the subtle energies of the body."  To form a Lotus Mudra or Padma Mudra one presses together the base of the hands, the pinky fingers and the thumbs together.  The index, middle, and ring fingers then extend outward to stand for the lotus petals. It's said this mudra helps one release and accept kindness.  Besides, it is said to calm and ground a person.  Kids are told to imagine a light or kind thoughts coming out of the center of their hands.  Readers, realize any of these "mudras" or "finger yoga poses" aren't similar to moving one's hands to a cute little rhyme but rather are spiritual in nature.  Talk with your child about them.
The Lotus Pose
In yoga the lotus pose Padmasana is very difficult, so grownups and kids often do an easy pose called the Sukhasana.   If you look at old pictures of ancient yogis you will often see them doing the Sukhasana.  When people sit lotus they practice breathing exercises called pranayama. 

Criss-Cross Apple Sauce

Have you ever been asked to cross your legs and sit "criss-cross applesauce?"  Is this the same as the lotus pose?  No!  The lotus pose has special ways to tuck in your toes. When you do criss-cross applesauce, no one asks you to breathe a special way or fix your fingers in a mudra.     

The Lotus Way

When one wants to meditate
folks are told to sit up straight,
cross their legs the lotus way,
fix one's fingers in a pose,
inhale n' exhale through the nose
keeping every thought away
so one's world will be o.k.--calm!
Meditation like this will not calm our world.  Remember Jesus' words when he said, "... my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.," John 14:27  

Parental Suggestions:

Pigs Sitting Lotus

Peaceful Piggy Meditations (2004) by Kerry Lee Maclean is a picture book worth reviewing.  Find it on You Tube read aloud books and Amazon  In it you'll view two piggy siblings that are always in a hurry, fighting, or upset.  So the pigs are taught to meditate. See pigs sitting lotus throughout the book. 

Learn more about the Lotus Mudra here:

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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! Q Is for Quiet!

ABC Bible Meditation for Me!  Q Is for Quiet!

ABC Bible Meditation for Me!: Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

Introduction:  This is a lesson in a twenty-six part ABC series focusing on lessons designed for parents, grandparents, teachers, and kids.  Please share this lesson, for it has some very important thoughts on the often misused verse Psalm 46:10: "Be still, and know that I am God!"

Q Is for a Quiet Place

Q is for a quiet place
just over yonder,
Where God's word
I can read, and then

Morning Watch at Camp Cherith

When I was a young girl I went to camp.   Each morning near our cabin we picked a quiet place to have Morning Watch.  There we used our Bibles to fill in a little book that helped us think about what we had read.  Do you have a quiet place where you can go to read your Bible, meditate, and pray?  I hope so!

A Solitary Place

Jesus went to a solitary place to get alone.  What did Jesus do there?  He prayed to his heavenly Father.  Read about it in Mark 1:29-38.

The Be Still Verse

There is a verse in Psalm 46:10 people quote all the time, and they put it on posters on their walls.  It seems to be everywhere.  People use it to try to tell us that God wants us to get all quiet and still.  Then we are to say a word or words to clear the mind and do "centering prayer."*  There's just one problem.  That is not what that verse means.  Nothing in the Bible tells us to meditate like that.  Read "the whole Psalm" to understand.

*  A type of meditation being promoted in many churches under the guise of prayer. (Ray Yungen,  A Time of Departing, p.202)

Here's a poem to explain more.

From Psalm 46

God is our refuge and strength-
a very present help in trouble;
I will not fear for God is near.
      God reigns supreme-
        a Ps. 46 theme!
Don't panic, be still for God will
be exalted among the nations,
God will be exalted on the earth.
Therefore, we must trust
for the LORD of hosts is with us.
The God of Jacob is our refuge!

A Meditation Recitation

Psalm 4:4  "Stand in awe, and sin not; commune* with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.  Selah."
*  Means to meditate on or think within your heart.

The Eastern Way

Sometimes I See

Sometimes I see
people meditating
on my TV
with closed eyes
trying to visualize,
trying to stop
their thoughts,
with mudra fingers
on their knees,
and I am sad to see
them, for I know it's
not the Bible way
to meditate or pray!

Question:  Have you seen people meditating on TV sitting with crossed legs in the lotus pose?  Remember that is not God's way to meditate, it is man's way.

Charlotte and the Quiet Place

Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin is a mindfulness picture book that tells of a girl whose house, neighborhood, school, and city were all so noisy.  One day Charlotte just happened to chase her dog under a tree in a park where she sat down.  Everything was so quiet.  Right away Charlotte began to meditate.  She began to go to a quiet place inside her, the book author says, and make up pictures in her mind.  Charlotte was visualizing.  Is this the Bible way?  Which way was it?  Why?

Parental Suggestion:

Sitting Still Like a Frog Parent Book Look 

Sitting Still Like a Frog (2014) for ages five-twelve by Eline Snel can be viewed at books.  Click below the "Look Inside" words to see a bit about this popular book.  Note that Jon Kabot-Zinn, mindfulness guru, has done the foreword, and his wife Myla Zinn does audios of exercises described in the book.  The book published by Shambhala Publishers is but one of the numerous books that you might find in your local library or bookstore.  Red flag this and like books, or anything published by Shambhala.*

*Hindu or Tibetan Buddhist mythical paradise spoken of in ancient texts.  (Wikipedia)

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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! R Is for Rumination

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me!  R Is for Rumination

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me: Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

Introduction: This is a lesson in a twenty-six part series created for parents, grandparent, teachers, and kids.  Please share these lessons with homeschoolers, Sunday School, and Children's Church leaders.

R Is for Rumination

R is for rumination
that uses reflection
to think things over
with much introspection.

Bible Meditation Rumination Recitation

Psalm 139:17  "How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!  how great is the sum of them!"

In your Bible place little "+" signs round the verse to make you think about how many precious and wonderful thoughts the Lord gives us out of his word.  How precious and how great are these thoughts!  Read verse 18 too!

A Bible Meditator Puts on His Thinking Cap

Someone who loves God's word puts on his "thinking cap" when he reads it and gives heed to it.  Whereas, other meditators try to take off their "thinking caps."

Words Related to Rumination

Type a page full of the following words: think, meditate, meditation, reflect, reflection, muse, contemplate, contemplation, heed, study, regard, attend, attention, understand and so on.  Print several copies.  Use to make a rumination poster, or back a bulletin board.  When you display, or write a verse on them use a different font and a brighter color so the words show up. 

Ms. Jean-- A Real Ruminant!

Ms. Jean was a special friend.  She just loved to ruminate on and talk about scripture.  She loved to memorize it too.  Ms. Jean had a goal--to memorize Psalm 119 with its one hundred and seventy-six verses.  I loved to talk with Ms. Jean and have her pray for me too.

Just "Like a Cow" Rumination

Cows like to chew grass, then spit it up and rechew it several times before finally swallowing it.  So we too must do the same by chewing on or reflecting on a verse over and over.  That's how to do "just like a cow" rumination!  Try it!

Biblical  "Cud" Verses

Did you know there is a scripture about animals like a cow that chew the cud?   Find them in:   Leviticus 11:2,3

"Just Like a Cow" Bible Marker  

Cut out a green marker sized paper strip. Fringe its top like grass.  On one side write: "R U a Ruminant?"  On the reverse side write the verse you are ruminating on.  Then ruminate regularly.

Eastern Meditation

Unlike rumination, Eastern meditation requires letting go of thoughts and ignoring them. It makes your mind fuzzy and half asleep.  It can become trance-like.  Don't use it!   

Empty Mind, Filled Mind   

The Buddhist way is to rid one of ruminations--anything past and anything in the future.  Then, they say, think on the present.  However, God tells us lots of things to remember from the past and lots of things to know about the future.  So ruminate the Bible way and don't run on empty!

Mindfulness Message:  Don't Overthink or Ruminate!

In an article "Mindfulness Grounding Exercises" from Mindfulness4U a writer says "Signs that we are ungrounded are: "we over-think or ruminate!"  It lists other things as well.  Note that this is totally opposite of Bible meditation.

Suggestions for Parents:

Sample Bible Meditation Sequence 

Goals: to help kids to become familiar with their Bibles, to locate meditation verses, to understand
Bible meditation, to use it in prayer or song, to create a craft using verse, to memorize it, and to apply it.  For use with: one child, a small group, or whole class; or use for devotions, homeschooling, Sunday School, camps, Bible clubs and so on. Needed: Bible, highlighter, pencil, items for marker or other craft.

Bible Verse Meditation Sequence:
1. Select it.     2. Find it in Bible.     3. Highlight it.     4. Read it aloud.     5. Think it over; share it.     6. Pray it.     7. Rethink it; share it.     8. Make it; put in Bible.     9. Memorize it.   
10. Apply it.

Sample conversation:  "Today we'll meditate on Ps.139:17.  Let's find it in our Bibles.  (Help if needed.)  We'll use our highlighter to highlight it like this.  (Demonstrate.)  Read aloud together.  Think about it.  What did you notice?  (Allow time to share.)  We can pray the verse like this:  "Dear Lord, thank you that your word says, "How precious …. of them."  Let's ruminate on it one more time.  Does anyone have a different thought?  (Make a "R U a Ruminant?" marker)   Find the verse again, and put your marker on that page.  (Help if needed.)  I hope this week you'll look in your Bible to read your verse, use your verse, and memorize it too."

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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! V Is for Verses & Visualization

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! V Is for Verses and Visualization

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me!  Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

Introduction:  This is a lesson in a twenty-six part series created for parents, grandparents, teachers, and kids.  Each lesson will focus on biblical and nonbiblical meditation.

V Is for Bible Verses

V is for Bible verses
You need to heed.
V is for Bible verses
You need to read--
to think about them!

Think About the "Think on These Things" Verse

Think about the "Think on These Things" verse in Philippians 4:8 which reads, "...  Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Dee D.'s Bible Verse Advice

Dee D. always had a Bible verse or two to share.  And one of her favorites was: "The Think on These Things" verse from Philippians 4:8.  Dee's advice was if there are troublesome things you can't stop dwelling on, think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. Say, did you notice Dee suggested thinking about a Bible verse or meditating on it? She didn't say do mindfulness meditation or guided visualization meditation to calm or relax you. Instead she suggested "Bible" meditation.

The "T.O.T.T." Bible Verse Marker

T.O.T.T. stands for "Think on These Things!  Make a marker.  On one side copy the verse, and on the reverse side write: "T.O.T.T."  Fringe the top and bottom of the marker.  Oh, and don't forget to think a lot about this verse!

The "T.O.T.T." Pop-up Poster

Make a poster; print the verse on it.  Cut around sides and top of the words: true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, and think on these things.  Leave the words and phrase attached at the bottom so the words can be popped out.  Hang it up.

Ten Psalm 119 Verses to Rehearse

Here are ten verses from Psalm 119 in rhyme to learn and to think on.  If you wish, print them and glue each one on a page of a tiny book.  Notice the first part rhymes with the scripture verse at the end. 

A verse to ponder:  "... O let me not wander from thy commandments." (Ps. 119:10)
A verse to write:  "... I delight in thy law." (Ps. 119:70)
A verse of contemplation:  "... thy testimonies are my meditation."  (Ps.119:99)
A verse to repeat:  "How sweet are thy words to my taste."  (Ps.119:103)
A verse to say: "I hate every false way."  (Ps. 119:104)
A verse to recall: "I esteem all thy precepts."  (Ps.119: 128)
A verse to recite: "The entrance of thy words giveth light."  (Ps.119:130)
A verse for you: "Thy word is true from the beginning." (Ps.119:160)
A verse to voice:  "I rejoice at thy word."  (Ps. 119:162)
A verse to rehearse:  "I have kept thy precepts." (Ps.119:168)

The Eastern Way

V Is for Guided Visualization

V is for guided visualization,
a technique where someone seeks
to tell you what to do with your mind.

Guided Visualization Meditation

When a boy or girl gets stressed, they are asked to lie or sit still, close their eyes, calm their body, and breathe various ways as one listens to a podcast or voice (parent, teacher) telling you just what to think in your mind.  But is this the Bible way?  No, not at all.  It is a false way.  For God's way uses His Word to help us calm down and focus, rather than someone telling us what to do with our body, breath, and mind.

Parental Suggestions:

Be Alert to Bedtime/Naptime Guided Meditations!

Guided visualization scripts are often used before naptime or bedtime.  Be especially aware of this should your child or grandchild be enrolled in any kind of a PreK or K program (even a church program!) that includes a rest time.  Always ask what is done to get the children to settle down.
Steer clear of programs where the teacher uses the internet via a smart board, for example, and randomly chooses video visualizations that seem soothing.  

Listen to Dr. Becky Bailey's (Conscious Discipline Founder) Meditation Script!

Dr. Becky Bailey's "Safe and Calm Meditation" (The Learning Station) done in Bailey's mesmerizing voice instructs children how to quiet and calm their bodies and minds.  Listen to it twice!!  Can you discern its deceptions?*  Click here:

*  For more about this video and Dr. Bailey's program read; "The Conscious Discipline Program's Link to A Course in Miracles and Mindfulness Meditation" found on my blog.

Another Example of Guided Kids' Visualization Video

View the brief kids' You Tube video "Falling Leaves Meditation-Guided Visualization for Kids" from Simply Successful Program (2017) to see what guided visualization is all about.  View here:


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ABC: Bible Meditation for Me! X Is for X-tra and X-out!

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me!  X Is for X-tra and X-out!

ABC Bible Meditation for Me:  Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

X Is for X-tra and X-out!

Introduction:  This is a lesson in a twenty-six part series created for parents, grandparents, teachers, and kids.  Each lesson will focus on both Biblical and nonbiblical meditation.

X Is for X-tra and X-out

X is for X-tra or add on to,
'n' X-out is for subtract from
to make God's word new.

Don't Add or Subtract from God's Word!

X marks the spot or scriptures: Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:6, and Revelation 22:18,19 where God warns us not to add to or take away from his word.  Three verses tell us not to add or subtract from the Bible while just one talks about adding to it.  Do you know which is which?  When you find these verses highlight them, and mark each one with a plus sign, a minus sign, or both.

Some Say We Don't Need Part of Our Bible

Some say we don't need the Old Testament in our Bibles.  They suggest we just "X" it out.  But God says don't do that, for as Romans 15:5 says, "For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, …." 

A Pastor Adds and Subtracts from the Bible

A pastor wrote a 'Bible' that he changed around a lot.  He even had messages in it that were not Bible truths at all.  He didn't obey the verses about not adding or subtracting from it.  He called it THE MESSAGE.  Sad to say it had many false messages in it.

Some Priests Made The Inclusive Bible

Some priests made a Bible that doesn't have certain words like "him, her, she, he" or others in it.  They changed it by adding and subtracting from it.

Be Still and Know that I Am God!

Psalm 46:10 is a verse everyone uses to say Christians should get still, listen in silence, and then hear God speaking to them.  Because they don't read the rest of the Psalm they don't stop and think about its true meaning.  They use the verse to teach meditation that is like Eastern meditation.  They say be real still, close your eyes, and use a mantra word or phrase to stop thoughts.  The question is when one stops his thoughts whose thoughts do you think they might hear?

It would be good for those who misuse this verse to remember a little song:  "I will not forget God's word, that is where His voice is heard."  Instead, they listen to voices in their minds.

The Young King Who Didn't X-out God's Word 

Exclude is also a word with an "Xx" sound in it.  It means to shut or keep out.  Now, some people do this with the Bible.  They just forget it and don't ever read it.  It is as if it doesn't exist.  II Kings 22-23 has an amazing story of young King Josiah that found out the word of God had been taken out of its place in the temple.  It had been lost.  But when Hilkiah found it, right away King Josiah had it put back where it belonged, honored, and read once again.

Psalm 119:16  A Bible Meditation Recitation to Remember

Psalm 119:16 is an important verse to think about and to remember.  It says:  ""I will delight myself in thy statues: I will not forget thy word."

The Plus, Minus, and X Marker

Cut out a plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) and (x).  Overlapping them just a bit glue onto a colorful marker strip.  Write the four + and - verses on it.  Slip into your Bible.

The Eastern Way

Meditators Change Words

Meditators change words
so people can't tell
practices like mindfulness*
are spiritual as well.

* yoga

Mindfulness Has a Makeover

Mindfulness is based on Zen Buddhism.  To make it seem less religious many have changed it so its Buddhist parts would be hidden or x-ed out!  Jon Kabat-Zinn was someone who did this, so more people would try mindfulness.

Yoga Turns "Christian"

Yoga teachers do the same thing; they insist that yoga isn't full of Hinduism.  But it is.  Even Christians do this by changing yoga words to make it become a Christian practice, but it isn't!

Mindfulness and Yoga Come Into the Public Schools

Once upon a time, every day in public schools there was Bible reading, prayer, an anthem, and flag salute.  But, after awhile this stopped, no one could read the Bible, or pray any more in school.  Now, many years later many schools instead do Buddhist based mindfulness and Hindu saturated yoga each day.  God has been x-ed out!

Parental Suggestions:

Learn More About Mindfulness/Yoga Indoctrination

Dr. Candy Gunther Brown, a professor at Indiana University, wrote a recent book Debating Yoga and Mindfulness in Public SchoolsReforming Secular Education or Reestablishing Religion?  In it Brown carefully documents how mindfulness and yoga are filled with Hindu and Buddhist terms and practices.  This book shows how deceptive many have been in their intense mission to indoctrinate teachers and children.

Read excerpts from a Candy Gunther Brown article posted by the Berean Call here:


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ABC: Bible Meditation for Me!: Zz is for Zeal

ABC Bible Meditation for Me: Bible Meditation Vs. Eastern Meditation

Zz Is for Zeal, Zealot

Introduction:  This is a sample lesson in a twenty-six part series focusing on lessons designed for parents, grandparents, teachers, and kids.  Each lesson will focus on both biblical, and nonbiblical meditation.

Z Is for Zealot

Z is for zealot,
someone who,
is ardently active,
devoted too.

Z Is for Zeal, P Is for Paul

Z is for zeal, P is for Paul,
who before he met Jesus,
the Bible recalls
went after Christians
to slaughter them all.

Z is for zealot, P is for Paul
who after he met Jesus,
the Bible recalls
began to preach Jesus
to one and to all!

Paul Had Zeal!

Before he met the Lord, Philippians 3:6 tells us that Paul had great zeal to persecute Christians.  Acts tells us he zealously went after all who were of the way (of Jesus) to destroy them.  But, after Paul was saved on the Damascus Road, Paul became very zealous about preaching Jesus with those very same Christians he once hated.  Question:  Can someone be zealous for the wrong cause?   Name some present day zealots.  Discuss this.

The Psalmist's Zeal

In Psalm 119, over and over the Psalmist shows great zeal for the Word of God--or the law, the testimonies, the precepts, the commandments, the statues, and the judgments.  He wrote about this
in Psalm 119:97.

The All the Day Meditation Recitation to Say:

"O how love I thy law!  It is my meditation all the day."

The Psalmist has great love for the word of God or the law.  Notice the exclamation mark.  All day long he thinks about or meditates on God's word.  He is zealous over it.  He also mentions there is something he is zealous against in Ps. 119:104.  He says, "I hate every false way!"

Bible Meditation Marker 

Make an oversized "exclamation mark" marker sized to fit in your Bible.  Cut it out.  At the top in dark bold letters write "O how love I" and in the ball at the bottom "thy law!"  Turn it over and write "It is my meditation all the day."   Insert in your Bible.

The Eastern Meditation Way

Thich Nhat Hanh: A Zen Zealot

Zealous for Zen

Thich Nhat Hanh
is a defender of Zen-
a monk that's mentioned
again and again.

Thich Nhat Hanh's Mindfulness Rituals

Thich Nhat Hanh practices mindfulness where one gets still, focusing on their breath or repeated words to clear the mind. To help with this, TNH wrote poem verses called gathas for every moment  from starting of the day to ending it. As one awakens, gets out of bed, meditates, offers incense,
praises Buddha, eats, and so on, one repeats an appropriate gatha for that activity.   TNH feels if a gatha is repeated the meditator will return to himself becoming more aware of every action.  In short, gathas become mantras.  But are these gathas like God's word?  Not at all, for they are but the words of a man.  From TNH's book: Present Moment Wonderful Moment.     

Parental Suggestions:

Introduce the Concordance 

Introduce your child to the use of a concordance: either at the back of a Bible or on-line.  Look up zeal, zealous, and zealot.  Which did you find?

Research These Zen Zealots

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a Jewish Zen Buddhist zealot.  He is known as being the founder of the mindfulness movement here in the USA.  Kabat-Zinn, by the way, studied under Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.  Also research Father Thomas Merton, a Roman Catholic monk, who had an affinity for Zen Buddhism and meditated with monks in the Far East.  Merton, by the way, met Thich Nhat Hanh too.

Article to read:  "Meet Mr. Mindfulness: How Jon Kabat-Zinn Brought Mindfulness to the Masses." (Parade Magazine, November 22, 2018)